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with David Visco

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Benefits Too Great to Ignore
  • Go through a complete step-by-step 5S implementation and become a master at your company
  • Move from merely learning to experiencing and understanding how to sustain your 5S program moving forward
  • Reduced stress
  • No more rolling eyes at the thought of some "5S Silver Bullet" fix it program
  • Instill accountability
  • Create clarity
  • Real time point of need access to your 5S Coach

Breakthrough Road Blocks Quickly

Many times when companies decide to move forward with a 5S implementation they do so without a solid plan and more often than not it's their first time. They read a book, watch a video or read an article on the Internet. As such, they run into unexpected roadblocks from the start which will add a negative tone to 5S before it has a chance to provide all the benefits. At 5S Virtual Coach, we understand these roadblocks and how to avoid them. We know what you're up against. We'll work with you and your team with a proven step-by-step action plan for guaranteed 5S success so you can reap all the benefits.

Guaranteed Results

5S Virtual Coaching is an effective method of getting the value added expertise without the expense. Your coach will help you stay on track and keep you accountable to sustaining your 5S program. Without a coach helping you along the way itís so easy to go off course. We won't let that happen. Better yet, it's guaranteed to get you the results you've been striving for all along.

6 Great Coaching Programs

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  • 1. Just Beginning 5S
  • 2. 5S Makeover (Fresh Start!)
  • 3. Train the Trainer
  • 4. Sustain Focus
  • 5. Set in Order & Visual Control Focus
  • 6. Stockroom Makeover
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